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Gettin' Too Heavy

This song is by 3LW and appears on the album 3LW (2000).

Sittin' here chillin' with you
You're gettin' close boy but I'm playin' it cool (cool)
I must confess, I'm feelin' you but I'm layin' down some rules
Get one thing straight, I won't be played, I don't get down that way

You asked me once, I told you twice, when will you understand?
I asked my friends for their advice they say girl don't give in
In you and me I believe but I'm torn between
It's gettin' too heavy for me

Baby why you stress me like that?
Talking about what you have done in the past
I don't take love so casually so don't put that pressure on me
Baby just walk right out the door 'cause I've heard those lines before

You're tellin' me this would prove that I care (It's gettin' too heavy)
But if I wait baby will you be there?
Will you be there?

You know I like you boy, (oh)
But you gotta understand, (yeah, yeah)
That I'm just not ready,
(Ooh) It isn't you, but we gotta take our time, (take our time ooh yeah)
And I'm torn between, (I'm torn between)
It's getting too heavy for me (It's getting too heavy for me)

In you and me I believe (I believe) but I'm torn between (I'm torn between)
It's getting too heavy for me
Getting too heavy, heavy, heavy yeah, don't make me say it (yeah, yeah)
In you and me I believe, but I'm torn between
It's getting too heavy for me... (fades)


Written by:

Brian Kierulf; Joshua Schwartz; Michelle Williams

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