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Do I Ever Make You Wonder

This song is by 3LW.

I can tell you all the truth tonight
To say the things to you I knew would hurt inside
Just because I'm down its no excuse
To take the way I feel in out on you
But I apalogize to you for acting like a child
But could we start tonight again by holding me a while

Do I ever make you wonder why you fell in love with me?
I can be frustrating and I know I make you crazy
Do you still think about me in you're dreams
Do I ever make you wonder about me

Don't know why I say the things I say
You have always understood me anyways
Close to you is where I wanna be
I don't have to test your love for me
Don't know where Id be if you werent always by my side
Taking you for granted never hurt more than tonight

Even though I make mistakes
Look I never wonder
What a day would be without you
And I hope we never loose what keeps us together
Always me and you

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