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Haley's Got a Harley

This song is by 38 Special and appears on the album Drivetrain (2004).

(Donnie VanZant-Don Barnes-Jim Peterik-Johnny VanZant)

Well she don't need nothin' from that man no more
No she took it all with her when she walked out the door
I say 1-800-PARTY, that's the number to call
Now Haley's got a Harley and she's leaving it all

Now she's headed out to Sturgis got it all wrapped up in leather
Got her Softail shined up, don't worry about the weather
Yeah she used to be the quiet type, the shyest of all
But now Haley's got a Harley, feelin' ten feet tall

Look at her now, look at her go
Out from the shadows, into the show
Ridin' it hard, ridin' it low
Flyin her colors, she's ready to roll

Just like the tattoo of an eagle on her shoulder
Yeah, her spirit's wild and free and the party's never over
Well, she's ridin' on the wind just a' wavin at 'em all
Cause now Haley's got a Harley and she's having a ball

Free as a Bird, watch her in flight
Across South Dakota, into the night
Ridin' to live, livin' to ride
She calls it heaven, ridin' for life

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