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I serenade the transformation
Lightning-fast and dramatic
Affecting without distinction
Hedgehogs and porcupines
Whose spines are now
Harder than tempered steel
And the teeth shear gaily
The best reinforced concrete
Insensitive to polytoxiques
Buried deep in the ground
They dig long tunnels
They no longer fear the beasts,
Their natural predators
Mankind and phenylphenol.

This amazing transformation
In a few generations.
The scholarly elite ask
What is the explanation?
"The process is known
It's the pace that is the problem
Although Franquin had expected this
The situation is extreme."
So said the president
of Paris' Seventh Institute of Science.
"We have no certainty
The phenomenon is complex
Its causes are being studied
And our researchers are puzzled"

The fruit trees are scarce
Bitter, impossible to eat
The plants have lost their power
Cure and care
Let those who have eyes to see
Be careful not to open
There is parallel to
Which we dare not believe
By St. Pancras and St. Nectarius
The earth pities us
If its wrath falls on us
In which way is it going to turn?
By St. Pancras and St. Nectarius
The earth pities us
If nature makes us war
Our days are numbered
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