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Tower Of The Middle Of The Month

This song is by 31Knots and appears on the album A Word Is Also A Picture Of A Word (2002).

Decorate the tower of Ides
In metal and flesh.
We conclude your measurements
To be correct.

Oh you noble souls.
You have one task left.
It's a selfless call to arms,
For a betterment.

It's not that bright.
We call it day, but it's really night.

It's not that bright.
We call it strength but its really fright of you...

Envy to dump
It all. Go and no throwbacks
To has-been
Good old regret.
Hallowed be thy name.
Be thy name.

Shape misshapen
And it's all excitement
And it's all twenty years to the day.
Standing on
A coward's

One hand one task one lot one chance
Last breath last
Leg can't stand.

Must run cannot / will not be outdone.
Armor always
On, sleeping clean
With streamlined dreams.
Aerodynamic with the possibility.
Can't sit still by the sheer fact of it.
Slow motion kamikaze.
You're still crazy with fate in hand.

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