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The Gospel According To Efficiency

This song is by 31Knots and appears on the album It Was High Time To Escape (2003).

It was a lion in the cloak of a ghost, sending out disengenous signals
And the lamb, the martyr of our trust
No one ever mentions how our metaphors are covered in a dust and we extol our animals like makeshift aimless criminals bettering the rhetoric for the heart of the matter and were getting drunk off the fat of the land
New knowledge is most curious and difficult when put to rest beside the pool that's never slept
For fear of our inadequate timing test, they're lying down, dormant or dead
Suddeniy... we expose a parody of our own antiquity
Cause and effect are looking down, thinking, "oh, what have we? blatant disregard for memory"
And the elephant is the trojan horse filled to the brim with modern whores, for every hour and every day, it'll never be the same

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