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Black Ship Auction

This song is by 31Knots and appears on the album Polemics (2006).

Pushing in the face of haste.

A carrot dictating your fate.

Four city blocks and I'm getting off,
On my addiction.
My addiction.

Three needs were addressed while others were adrift in speculation, speculation.
Two roots in a match, each other on the other's back, so I taste them, so I taste them.

One long breath, so it all makes sense.

Oh capricious victim, how I wish you'd listen,
Instead of simply hearing what I say.
The hour you've enlisted, though young and solipsistic, hasn't got the clout to not obey.

I am in a car, stuck in traffic, at the age of anyone, coming from forgetting and restless ...
See it's better through remember what gauges never measure,
What process's always practiced but never preached.
See you are unhappy, well versed in agitation, for pushing round the peaceful embassies.

It's a... octave
(Singing your dead)
Haunting your sleep.
Haunting your heart.
With one thing
That's sacred as
A Threat to our cause.
The voices.
The voices.
The voices.
That sing.
That ...

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