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Unity: Breaking All The Rules

This song is by 2ge+her.

Girl, you've taken a piece of me
That I didn't wanna give
Without it, I can't live, no
It's makin' me look so silly
That my friends talk about me
They don't understand.

For your love (for your love)
I would cry (I would cry)
Even sacrifice my life.
Wouldn't think twice.
Be your fool.
Don't mind it's cool (I don't mind)
Everything I say is true
Because I'm breakin all the rules

For you

Somethin' something, sorry don't know the Spanish words too well!
Te quieras
Something... something... lmao...

Girl you're takin' good care of me
I can feel it deep inside
And my body doesn't lie, no
The way you love me I can't believe
That I'm the only one
Havin' this much fun

Repeat Chorus till fade

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