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The Struggle Continues (Mixed)

This song is by 2Pac.


The struggle continues...

The struggle continues...

The struggle continues...

Now I was born as a rebel
Makin' trouble for the devil
Take this gangbang shit... to a whole 'nother level
Can you feel me now?
Armies in every city
Definition of power
Playas... are you with me?
See the war is the prophecy
Survival is the strategy
Rest in peace!
To my comrades that's deceased
Organize your streets in time
You'll have these devils petrified of a nigga in his right mind
They tell us that we hopeless and hellbound
It's for the brothas in penitentaries jailed down
I got you in my heart until the day I die
Think of the damage we could do... if we wasn't high
Can you picture me loc?
It's a thug's wrath
Political contracts and blood baths
For Matulu Shakur up in the Rikers
Though they got you
I'll never let 'em stop me
The struggle continues...

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