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==[[2:54:2:54 (2012)|Beach House (2006)]]==
{{Album Art|Beach House - Beach House.jpg|Beach House}}
# '''[[Beach House:Saltwater|Saltwater]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Tokyo Witch|Tokyo Witch]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Apple Orchard|Apple Orchard]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Master Of None|Master of None]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Auburn And Ivory|Auburn and Ivory]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Childhood|Childhood]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Lovelier Girl|Lovelier Girl]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:House On The Hill|House on the Hill]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Heart And Lungs|Heart and Lungs]]'''
==[[Beach House:Devotion (2008)|Devotion (2008)]]==
{{Album Art|Devotion.jpg|Devotion}}
# '''[[Beach House:Wedding Bell|Wedding Bell]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:You Came To Me|You Came to Me]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Gila|Gila]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Turtle Island|Turtle Island]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Holy Dances|Holy Dances]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:All The Years|All the Years]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Heart Of Chambers|Heart of Chambers]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Some Things Last A Long Time|Some Things Last a Long Time]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Astronaut|Astronaut]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:D.A.R.L.I.N.G.|D.A.R.L.I.N.G.]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Home Again|Home Again]]'''
==[[Beach House:Teen Dream (2010)|Teen Dream (2010)]]==
{{Album Art|Beach House - Teen Dream.jpg|Teen Dream}}
# '''[[Beach House:Zebra|Zebra]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Silver Soul|Silver Soul]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Norway|Norway]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Walk In The Park|Walk in the Park]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Used To Be|Used to Be]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Lover Of Mine|Lover of Mine]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Better Times|Better Times]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:10 Mile Stereo|10 Mile Stereo]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Real Love|Real Love]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Take Care|Take Care]]'''
==[[Beach House:Zebra (2010)|Zebra (2010)]]==
{{Album Art|Beach House - Zebra.jpg|Zebra}}
# '''[[Beach House:Zebra (UK Radio Edit)|Zebra (UK Radio Edit)]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:The Arrangement|The Arrangement]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:Baby|Baby]]'''
# '''[[Beach House:10 Mile Stereo|10 Mile Stereo]]''' (Couch Syrup Remix)
==[[Beach House:I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun (2010)|I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun (2010)]]==
{{Album Art|Beach House - I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun.jpg|I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun}}
# '''[[Beach House:I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun|I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun]]'''
==[[Beach House:Bloom (2012)|Bloom (2012)]]==
==[[Beach House:Bloom (2012)|Bloom (2012)]]==

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Bloom (2012)

Beach House - Bloom


  1. Myth
  2. Wild
  3. Lazuli
  4. Other People
  5. The Hours
  6. Troublemaker
  7. New Year
  8. Wishes
  9. On The Sea
  10. Irene
  11. Wherever You Go

Other Songs

  1. Play The Game

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  • 2004-present

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