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Compilation by various artists.
Disc One
  1. The River Is Here by Andy Park
  2. Hallelujah Glory by Scott Underwood
  3. The Lord Almighty Reigns by Terry Butler
  4. Pour Out My Heart by Brian Doerksen
  5. Holy, Holy, Holy by Larry Hampton
  6. Take My Life by Scott Underwood
  7. How Priceless by Michael Flowers
  8. Blessed Be the Name by Andy Park
  9. Yahweh by Andy Park
  10. Holy Love by Scott Brenner
  11. Eternity by Brian Doerksen
  12. More by Brian Doerksen
  13. There Must Be More by David Ruis
Disc Two
  1. Will You Worship by Brian Doerksen
  2. Light the Fire Again by Brian Doerksen
  3. Let the River Flow by Jeff Peterson
  4. Every Move I Make by David Ruis
  5. In the Secret by Andy Park
  6. Nothing Is as Wonderful by Brent Helming
  7. Breathe by Kathryn Scott
  8. Holy Is the Lord by Jeff Searles
  9. Hail to the King by Larry Hampton
  10. I See the Lord by Andy Park
  11. Psalm 19 (May the Words of My Mouth) by Terry Butler
  12. Sweet Mercies by Scott Brenner
  13. Mercy Is Falling by David Ruis
  14. Let It Rain by Andy Park

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