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Midnight Ride

This song is by 24 Hours Ago.

Jenny got her house on the right side of town
Yeah well she's moved schools she'll have some real friends now
Well on the first day of school everything went great
Jenny'd made new friends, got asked out on a date
Well jenny she knew what her parents would say
"Not a chance in hell your way to young to date"
Well I won't tell them
They'll never no anyway
"Hey I'm sleeping in friends"
Her parents frowned ok...
Jenny felt guilty about telling the lies
But what's a pizza a party a moonlight ride?

Well the pizza was good, And the party was great
But the midnight ride was gonna have to wait
For they didn't know they had to much drink
Then it all went black the car smashed in to bits
She thought her heart was gonna call it quits
She heard "Call an ambulance these kids are in trouble"
Voices she heard a few at her best
But she knew there were two cars involved in this wreck
Then she wondered "Is Jeff all right?"
And if the people in the other car... well if they were alive

She woke in a hospital to faces so sad
"You've been in a wreck and it looks pretty bad"
The voices echoed around her bed
And they gently told her that Jeff was dead
They said "jenny look we have done all we can do"
But it looks as if were gonna lose you too
"What about people in the other car?"
"I'm so sorry Jenny but they have died to"
Jenny prayed forgive me for what I've done
I only wanted to have one night of fun
"Tell All there family, I've made their lives dim,
And wish I could return their families to them."
"Tell Mum and Dad I'm sorry I lied,
And that it's my fault so many have died.
Oh nurse wont you please tell them that from me?
The nurse just stood there-she never agreed
But she took jenny's hand with tears in her eyes
And a few moments later... jenny had died
A man asked the nurse
"Why didn't you do your best to bid that girl her one last request?"
She looked at the man with eyes so sad
Because the people in the other car were her mum and dad...

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