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Force Of Habit

This song is by 20 Minute Loop and appears on the album Decline Of Day (2001).

I can lie here for hours while you breathe
Indulging my doubts
All the dreams that escape you come to me and burn themselves out
I am hanging from shining threads that lead to the hands of the Fates
They have dressed me in pale faced jealousy and
Left me to wait
And in the morning, we won't remember
Why we're finessing a way of keeping each other down
We'll stay up all night, it's force of habit and that's not how it oughta be...
They say the night can fall too hard and you could lose yourself
And when the light returns again you'll find you are someone else
There are winged creatures who deal sleep to the bravest women
They will dive and circle over me until I give in
And if I could live this over, I'd change most everything
I would never leave myself open to anyone again

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