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This song is by 18crown6.

Back down 'cause I feel the pressure on.
Back down 'cause I feel so low.
You don't wanna know what I'm thinking.
(You / I) really need to give in on this one.
Tooth and nail grind to dust, she said.

Back down 'cause there's nowhere else to go.
I'm never wrong when I'm looking through this red shroud you pulled down over my eyes.

Say you're wrong.
Take back all that you've said and done.
Why can't you stop?

She told me, don't ever hurt yourself like I want to.

What it is to see you.
What it is to feel you coming on - so beautiful.
I never want to hurt you.

Back down 'cause I feel the pressure on
Back down 'cause I can't let go.
You are a fire inside me.

Back down.
Don't walk away.

Take this one from me to you

As you looked up at me,
What was it you said again?
Tooth and nail grinds down -
Not on your forgiving skin.
Why'd you take me there again?
- The brink of ruining everything.
Still you hold, unyielding.
How's that feel?

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