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This song is by 18crown6.

You wonder why I spend so much time flying high.
The world below has nothing new to inspire you.
I get over her then you cut me in two.
It only gets worse, as you descend to the earth.

I've nothing left to lift me high but Firefly.
And now that I find, here I am -
Next in line for a piece of the world I can't hold - just watch it fold.

If there's nothing more then I can't be sure I can go on much longer.
But if there is higher ground to be found,
Why can't you just me there now, save time?
'Cause I'm so sick of this.
Every day is so hit and miss in this life.

Pass the fire down.

You can't decide your life is fine by flying high.

Can't you look past the world that's been put in front of you?
See it ending?
Rise with me.
But it only gets worse, as you descend back to earth.

Pass the fire down.
Pass the burn.

You never felt the fire you just cried yourself to sleep.

What means more?
To die or never have lived before.
When you see your
Life pass by did you ever soar?

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