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Wrapped in transparent dreams
The way to the end is the means
Now you're caught in this web of things you shouldn't have said
And now it's totally true
No one is gonna save you
It's kinda sad how you just sit there trying to find words to say

I see everything

And now you're slipping away
And no one cares what you say
You're a slave to yourself
I'm glad you know it so well
I've got this beautiful view
Looking right down on you
It's kinda sad how you just sit there trying to find your own truth

I see everything

And I'm thinking of way
To blow it apart
Just like all of the dreams
That rot in your heart
This shell turns to night
It shelters the light

And if fate is so drawn, you'll be left alone without anyone
Just seeing without anyone
And if you think I am wrong
I could take you to a place inside my head where images are gray and red

I see everything

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