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Heel On The Shovel

This song is by 16 Horsepower and appears on the album Sackcloth 'N Ashes (1996).

I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
An to the sun your face I'll raise
I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
One hundred buzzards buzzin'

I seen death hangin' from the tallest tree
Eyes closed no lookin' back at me
Ye they came an took him in the night
The one who kissed 'em was greed

O everyone will see
An everyone will know
Boy you reap what you sow

I'm diggin' you a shallow grave
An on your rotten bones I'll raise
Yellow daisies
For my true loves hair

O I'm all hitched up an runnin'
I see death runnin' from his majesty
O Lord where is the fear in me
In between your praying hands
You hold the skeleton key

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