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The End (2012)

12th Planet - The End

The End

  1. The End (T.E.I.N Pt. 2)
  2. The End Is Near Pt. 1 (Dirtyphonics Remix)
  3. The End Is Near Pt. 1 (Felguk Remix)
  4. Burst (featuring Skrillex, Kill The Noise and GMCFOSHO)
  5. Ghost (with Antiserum)
  6. Ratchet Strap (with SPL)
  7. Ratchet Strap (UZ Remix)
  8. Ratchet Strap (Big Gigantic Remix)
  9. Jail Break
  10. MMXII
  11. The End Is Near Pt. 1 (with Flinch)

Other Songs

  1. Right On Time

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12th Planet is a performance name for John Dadzie.

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