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This song is by 11:30 and appears on the album Olé Olé (2000).

Baby can you move your body
The way I ask you to
Let the power of the rhythm capture you

Baby close your eyes
And let the music flow
Listen to my words
Here I go

Get up out of your chair
Bring your hands out in the air
Come on let me hear you
Yell, everybody say
I, I, I, I

Slide, slide come on
Push, push, baby keep it smooth
Slide, slide, come on
Push, push, baby feel the groove

Tell me do I heat you up
And keep you satisfied
With the funk and the salsa
Nicely tied

I like to whine it up
My imagination flies
Can you be my partner?
Can we slide?

Boy you know we right
We can go forever
We can go all night
You and I slide
On the beat we make
Come on push, push it
Oh! Ya! Push, push it
Come and push, push it

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