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More Than Money

This song is by 11:30 and appears on the album Olé Olé (2000).

Girlfriend came and told me 'bout my man
And how he spends his cash
On penthouse parties
Filled with pantyhose

Wondered why he always didn't mind
Working over time
Oh! He was never mine

I don't want your money
Don't need your fancy car
You thought I may be tempted
Like all the others are
I'll write it in a letter
To get it through to you
It takes more than money you fool

Bragging how he travels 'round the world
Without his main girl
And tag booties that were hanging 'round

Flashing more money everyday
Your boy knew how to play
But now I'm here to say

When I get to see you I'll be glad
To dump you and your cash
And leave you hanging with your pantyhose

Buying more buddies everyday
You'll learn the hard way

It takes more than money
More than money
More than money to have me

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