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I Will Not Cry No More

This song is by 11:30 and appears on the album Olé Olé (2000).

I thought you were the one
The one for me
I gave you my trust and honesty
I told you I love you constantly
Thought you were the right one for me

But little by little you deceived
Pulling me along let me believe
Love is what it was, but here it stops

I will not cry not more, baby
I will not cry no more, you hear me
I will not cry no more

We use to go downtown at night
Now I'm all alone by midnight
Don't know what to do or what to think
You push me aside like some old thing

Have I been fooled all this time
Taken by your charm and loving smile
Can't take the pain inside my heart
Here is where it stops

I'm sick and tired of waiting by the phone
Just to hear you say you won't be home
The kind of girl you want to fill your needs
Is a girl without self-esteem

Baby I loved you from the start
Thought you were the man of my heart
Love for you I had but now it's gone

Baby, I'm not worried
Don't you know that I'll be OK
See for me it's better this way
Ho! No, I don't need him, NO
I don't wanna, don't wanna cry

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