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Album by 116 Clique.
  1. 116 Intro
  2. In Ya Hood (featuring Tedashii and Trip Lee)
  3. Church Boyz (featuring Thi'sl)
  4. Fanatics (featuring Lecrae)
  5. Trip Lee Interlude
  6. Stand, Walk, Dance (featuring Sho Baraka)
  7. Love Song (featuring Lecrae, Estella and Ray)
  8. Hurr They Come (featuring Json)
  9. Breathe In Breathe Out (featuring Lecrae)
  10. Act Out (featuring Thi'sl)
  11. Impressed Interlude (featuring Tedashii)
  12. Impressed (featuring Tedashii)
  13. I See The Lord (featuring Sho Baraka and Ray)
  14. Streets (featuring Lecrae, BJ and Tedashii)
  15. Stand Up (featuring Lecrae)
  16. Kingdom People (featuring Tedashii)
  17. Crossover Remix (featuring Lecrae)

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