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Crazy Over You

This song is by 112 and appears on the album Room 112 (1998).

I fell in a love with you
That was like a dream come true
And my love for you will never end oh no
It was such a special night
You lay right by my side
And I told you things I'd never tell a soul

(1) and now that I have you baby baby
I promise I'll never leave (never leave)
Cause you are the only one that makes my life complete

(2) and I'm
Crazy over you
I don't know what to do
I'm crazy over you
You you you

A love that never ends
You're more than just a friend
And my heart and soul I'll always give to you
The only in my life
Someday you'll be my wife
And I'll be with you until the end of time

Repeat 2 two times

Oh it doesn't matter what you say or do
Because I love you (and I know you love me too)
Love me, kiss me, and hold me in your arms
Lets me know you're crazy for me
And I'm crazy over you
I told you I love you
I told you I would never go
Cause you are the only one, to make my life complete

Repeat 2 till end

(Sang above number 2) I'll pay your rent
I'll buy your clothes
Girl I will cook your food for you (food for you)
I'll do anything
Whatever you want baby just don't ever leave

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