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Come See Me (Remix)

This song is by 112.

1- Baby, come see me, come see me
I wanna hold you when you next to me
Can't you see? I need you here

Baby, come see me, come see me
I wanna hold your body next to me
Can't you see? I need you here

How could you do this, babe?
When I've been thinkin' of you
Girl, in your heart you know you don't feel this way
Just let me touch you, babe
And let me hold you real tight
Everytime I'm with you, it feels so right

Maybe you think I'm crazy
For falling in love with you
Girl, every time you stop
My heart falls for you, girl
No matter how you could
It all comes down to one thing
I wanna be with you, so right now come see me

(Black Rob)
You can come see me and all your worldly desires'll be free
As I lick you down from your head to your feet
Milk baths, talking, champagne, sips and suds
And once I crash the boards, you show me nothing but love
To the fullest, I get money, capri, sweat and bullets
Sittin' in the hotel suite, for layman, you on the E
Think about it, like Puff Daddy say, "You'll See"

Let's make it real, all you gotta do is come see me

(112) (Slim)
Baby (I need your love)
You and me
We could be there together (I need that old feeling)
Forever (Nobody can compare)
If you only just gave me a chance
(Girl, if you give me a chance to love you
Just let me show you I love you)
To just love you
I will show you I love you (I will show you I love you)

Repeat 1 to fade

Oh, baby
I wanna hold you, baby
Where you are is with me
Oh, baby
I wanna hold your body
Oh yes
Oh, baby
Oh, love you for the rest of my life
I gotta have your love
Gotta have, gotta have you right now
Ooh, baby
I feel so lonely
I need you right now
Gotta have...

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