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Your Anthem

This song is by 1000 Miles Ahead and appears on the EP Demo 2007 (2007).

Breaking hearts to heal yours
Always stays the same
Last time that we met you were... playing the same game

Lovesongs as you anthem
Many know the words
You'll never feel the guilt for all the lies that you have burned

Breakdown, breakdown
Breakdown, breakdown; thought you were calling my name
Breakdown, breakdown
Breakdown, breakdown; in the end I'll swear

All this time, all this time you've forgotten me
Now your back and still think feelings are for free
We'll not mine (not mine), not mine (not mine)
You'll be the last in line
And I'm sure (I'm sure), I'm sure (I'm sure)
That counts for many more

Showing of for others
Stealing what's not yours
To greedy to goddamn to see you're closing your own doors

Thought you would grow older
That this era would end
I hope that one you'll receive the hate that I will send

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