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Movie soundtrack by various artists.
  1. Take a Look Around by Limp Bizkit
  2. I Disappear by Metallica
  3. Scum of the Earth by Rob Zombie
  4. They Came In by Butthole Surfers
  5. Rocket Science by The Pimps
  6. Have a Cigar by Foo Fighters feat. Brian May
  7. Mission 2000 by Chris Cornell
  8. Goin' Down by Godsmack
  9. What 'Chu Lookin' At? by Uncle Kracker
  10. Backwards by Apartment 26
  11. Karma by Diffuser
  12. Alone by Buckcherry
  13. Immune by Tinfed
  14. My Kinda Scene by Powderfinger
  15. Carnival by Tori Amos
  16. Nyah by Hans Zimmer

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