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Black Hole Rebirth

This song is by (Sic)monic and appears on the album Look To The Skies (2006).

Softly it fades bleeding for days come inside ill show you the way*
We follow cross fades that intertwine slowly in pastures of translucent
Isolation and can you stop just to listen to anything but your own thoughts of
Existence persistence her eyes from a distance burn holes forever (chorus)
Cover your eyes in fear don't look or speak just move forward into your black
Hole rebirth it seeks to destroy you move move yourself lose lose control
Nothings forever
Tumbling crumbling piece by piece I'm torn down to the core and what I find
Developed in time is a rhythm that repeats in my mind over and over again sweet
Insanity lays right beside me and sleeps forever

The galaxies surround me lifelessly and I'm waiting for the time when
Walking through open doors silently am I ever gonna find out where it leads how
It bleeds possibly I'm disintegrated strangled deflated

Nothings forever no nothings forever except this silent power

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