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The Virtuous

This song is by [perversion:] and appears on the album Collapses (2006).

Your face
Your smile
Your touch
Your youth
Your eyes
Your tears
Your lips
Your kiss
Your heat
Your sex
Your love
Your dreams
Your everything

Your colour
Your fear
Your lust
Your being here
Your throat
Your tongue
Your taste
Your things I can't replace
Your everything

Your trust
Your truth
Your attitude
Your faith in god
Your man
Your dog
Your toys
Your torment and
Your trash

Your past
Your shadows
Your ghosts
Your empty womb
Your life
Your crime
Your heaven hell
Grave death ashes
And everything

Your subtle disease
Has ended up in me
Your loving lies that I want to believe
The things I thought we were meant to be
Are just nothing

All you left is a bleeding mass
Of scar tissue and memory
And in the end there's nothing else
In the end there's nothing else for me

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