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This song is by 蘇打綠.

雨滴在滴 月亮在亮 形成意義 落在掌心
遙不可及 解構你的心 拆了一桌 難解的謎題
it is on my face (and it......)
it is on my set (and it......)
it is on my head (and it......)
it is on my way 自己重組再理解
(進入野獸派的世界 將符號大膽拼貼)
愛的恨的又有什麼 想的做的都不相同
看的聽的多 there's a symbol to my name
(it resounds throughout my head)

you're standing in front of me and
taking my picture turning around shyly hiding
standing silence shadows our eyes
floating through the sky
夢境解出經驗 用酒解出忘卻
旅行解出能源 你應該怎麼解?

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