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This song is by 生 Conform 死 and appears on the EP Vol I: Cigarette Lullaby (2016).

Right now I don't fucking exist
I mean nothing to everyone; nothing to anyone
And I hope my friends really give a fuck
'Cause that's the only way my egos dick will ever get sucked

There's always one motherfucker tryna tell me everything you do is worthless
It's worthless when you stress over the mess you protest
You made, it's irate, oh, I fucking hate it
So find something of value and hold onto it my dear

Nobody wants to hear you bitch every fucking day
Let the chair slip, nicotine drip
Flames in a hanging grave, wine bottle bitch
Alcoholic cry-baby wannabe

Consume, let the fucking hate flow through you
Consume, let the fucking hate flow through

The movement of the mountains of couldn't quell the fires of hell
All the blood and frozen stains
The days of old are done

We go around in cycles, like demons in the night
Abducting the innocent and feeding on delight
When demons creep on through the cracks into the night
They'll drag you back to hell

I won't stand alone I can't believe you'd cling to me like this
I was blind but now I see, still can't perceive the sea alone like this

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