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This song is by 生 Conform 死 and appears on the EP Vol I: Cigarette Lullaby (2016).

Face up motherfucker
Please open your eyes so I can rip them outta your skull
Triple six bitch, running 'til I'm sick; lynched
Try to comprehend as I spew out my thoughts

Nights black; lights flat
Motherfuckers relax
Just gonna sit here and pretend you don't won't back
I'm guessing you were probably one of those kids
That threatened to burn their fucking school down

You can't see the world inside of my head
And you won't stay young for the rest of your life
Trust me, two hounds will turn into one
Your anger has poisoned my spine

Are you lonely, by yourself in your thoughts?
I know I am by myself that's the fucking plan
You are only my friend because
You don't wanna die when I snap

I need somebody, somebody, someone
I need someone

Burn it down

I am sorry
Are you lonely?
I'm gonna cut out your heart

I'm gonna rip out your heart and fucking feed it to you
I'm gonna rip out your heart

Sometimes I wanna scalp you like the bitch you are
Fucking rip out your intestines and spell out my name
All I need is time to get away from your bullshit
Your diseased, it fucking pleases me that you're away from me

I was only your friend because
I don't wanna die when you snap

I am sorry
Are you lonely?
I'm gonna cut out your heart

I am sorry
Are you lonely?

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