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新房客 (Coming Home)

This song is by 王菲.

When at last
Evening greets the day
As daytime erases the night
Destroying me, you leave

To find something
At the ends of the earth
Prompted by a sudden impulse

And people ask me
Who's to say if you're right?
Who are you to say?

This yearning didn't
Come too late
Nor too early
From afar, it came
Just now

Where is your home?
Where's your home?

I try not to worry
Yet see a tsunami
If I look at you

To hold your smile
Is to catch a bird
To touch those feathers
In the early morning

I said you're okay

You ask me
Is this just wanderlust?
Or are these flowers blooming?

Where is your home?
Where's your home?

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