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This song is by 島みやえい子 and appears on the album ひかりなでしこ (2008).

作詞/作曲:島みやえい子 編曲:SORMA No. 1


一夜一夜 この命を
一話一話 引きのばして

葛藤は誰だって 人を毒蛇に変えてゆく
もんどり打つあなたを この世とあの世のはざまの
物語でいやしましょう でも続きは また明日
私 明日が欲しいの

あぁ 千夜一夜 魔法をかけられて
あわれ shahryar ペルシャの夜はふけて



さぁ 私のうでの中 昨日の続きを話しましょう
でも話は 終わらない 終わらせるわけにいかない
物語の結末が どうか私の結末に

あぁ 千夜一夜 サイを投げないで
悲しい shahryar 愛に変わるまで

ali baba aladdin arabian Nights
夜伽は こよいも scheherazade

あぁ 千夜一夜 リュトンが片手から
すべり おちるとき 私の胸から
もう片方の手も そっと引き抜き
愛し shahryar 赤子を抱くよに
朝まで あなたを 抱きしめよう

English Translation:

lyrics, music: Eiko Shimamiya arranged: SORMA No. 1

have you cut off your hesitation?
in the velvet bed
with your loosed hoop slided off

one night by another, one story by another
I stretch my own life
I unravel all your anger

conflicts would turn anyone evil
you're overturned in the ravine between this and the other world
let me heal you with stories, but I only continue it tomorrow
I want my "tomorrow"

ah, the one thousand and one nights, to cover them with magic
Shahryar, you're in grief, when dawns come to Persia
you close your eyes silently

will you call me this night
in the velvet bed
you're in my embrace

but you still wait in silent?
you'll still have no forgiving?
only the crescent shines so sharply

now, in my arms, let me continue from yesterday
but the story will not end, I can't let it end
I just wish the end of stories
would not be my own end

ah, the one thousand and one nights, don't cast your die
Shahryar, you're in sadness, until the time you regain your love
I'll stay beside you

ali baba aladdin arabian Nights
still stay with you in this night, scheherazade

ah, the one thousand and one nights,
when the rhyton slides off from your hand
you pulls the other hand out from my embrace slightly
Shahryar, you beloved one, for having your child,
let me hold you tight till the next morning

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