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One of your fingers has been cut off
But 9 still remain
These fingers have committed no crime
The pain is a path The pain is a prayer
A shortcut so I can see you

Like your mother, your people cry for you
Like your father, in place of your brother
Your lover cries beneath your gaze

Now, at last the yearning for eternity
Swoops down upon your breast

Oh Prince, is this why you have come?

Like an avalanche of broken glass
My heart breaks and bursts into flame
The moment I scream for you to jump in

The sea bends to you
Overflowing your ship of joy

Oh Prince, I will soon go to you

Silent Night, a smooth river of stars
You unfasten the ribbon around your breast
Ah, you can't even raise your head

One day the person who seeks you
Whether by re-birth or re-death
Whether you are covered in scars
Will become one with you

The bodily love you share will not perish
The wind has sung, and a green-chased bird has delivered hope

Oh Prince, I'll be in your fingertips
A guiding light... to light your path
The right path, so you won't get lost

Guiding you from behind the moon... from behind the moon
On the back side of the moon... from behind the moon
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