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So you've come this far
In this fun hide-and-seek
Who'll be the first to drop out?

I wonder if you can find me
I hold back laughter
Anticipating the reveal
My superiority and the battle's outcome is already decided
But, if it was black and white all as one, that would be boring!

Do you want to play in my trap?
The curtains have risen for this twisted fairy-tale
It's the start of a heart pounding game

From the beginning, I set my hand with a delicious spot
Not that I'm always there

I'm fine with whatever meaning or reason
But, I'm the one chosen to win
I just want proof of my superiority
I don't need any prizes or pats on the head!

Do you want to play in my trap?
Like a broken toy, if I wind up the screw
Just as I thought, the game starts to move

Kind papa and mama; that's all make-believe

Still not enough?
Because in my trap, the traps and fun will only grow
You give a stupid look and give chase, going deeper in
I don't have any interest in a broken future
I just want to have fun in a game of life-or-death
Because I'll be the one to win in the end anyway
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