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Things You Said

This song is by Árstíðir and appears on the album Hvel (2015).

I thought you would stay here forever
I don't want to, I don't want you
Through these days I could never
Be around you, 'cause I don't want you

Charming as she was to me
Drifted blindly
This is how it feels?
Took me so long to see

If you sense this you'd better
Look around you, think it out too
Carry yourself in this manner
What we will do is deny you

Everything she used to be
Led me blindly
Is this how it feels?
Took me so long to see

I tried to help with the things you liked
But you took advantage of my precious time
Those selfish games have made me think things twice
Before I lift a burden to ease your mind

Things you said and the ways you lied
Made me read the writing and see the signs
The clock is ticking in your inward mind
Soon the flower fades and you've lost the time

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