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Laundry Day

This song is by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

You gotta keep 'em separated

You like the latest fashions
You'd like to keep 'em clean
You take a trip every week to the laundromat
Throw a load in the washing machine

But if you don't wanna ruin your clothes
You gotta sort 'em out first as everyone knows
Remember bright colors and the others don't mix
Before you wash 'em up, wash 'em up, wash 'em up, wash 'em up

Are your undies turning pink
Take 'em out (You gotta keep 'em separated)
Hey, are your cottons gonna shrink
Sort 'em out (You gotta keep 'em separated)

Hey, then when it's time
You can stick 'em in the dryer
You can hang 'em on a line
Hey, it's laundry day

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