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It's Still Billy Joel to Me

This song is by "Weird Al" Yankovic.

What's the matter with the songs he's singin'?
Can't you tell that they're pretty lame?
After listenin' to a couple albums,
Well, they all start to sound the same!

So he tried to change his musical style:
He tossed all his ballads in the circular file!
Then he found the punk sound,
Breakin' ground all around;
It's still Billy Joel to me!

What's the matter with the tune he's writin'?
Well, you know it's gonna be a smash!
It's so nice when you're a big name artist;
Doesn't matter if it sounds like trash!

Now everybody thinks the new wave is super;
Just ask Linda Ronstadt or even Alice Cooper!
It's a big hit, isn't it?
Even if it's a piece of junk,
It's still Billy Joel to me!

Whoa, it doesn't matter what the critics say about him
'Cause he doesn't worry how they feel!
When you're record's sellin' millions and it's goin' triple platinum,
You don't worry 'bout your next meal,
'Cause money is no big deal!

Maybe he should dye his hair bright pink
And stick a safety pin through his cheeks?
Then he'd really fit the new wave image,
But he couldn't sit down for weeks!

Don't you know about the record business, honey?
You gotta be trendy if you wanna make some money!
Now everybody's sayin' that he sure sounds funny,
But it's still Billy Joel to me!

All right, Alfred!

(Accordion solo!)

Oh, I can hardly wait 'til his next album;
Well, I'll bet it's gonna be the rage!
Buy a ticket to his next big concert,
Well, I wonder what he'll do on stage?

It might be disco and it might be the blues,
Or maybe even somethin' like The B-52's!
Just a handclap, finger snap;
Even if it's mindless pap,
It's still Billy Joel to me!

Everybody's sayin' that he sure sounds funny,
But it's still Billy Joel to me!

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