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Salty Dog Blues

This song is by "Red" Willie Smith.

Goin' downtown, sloppy drunk
You don't like it you can move your trunk
Mama don't let it, Papa don't 'low that

Salty dog, salty dog
You doggone salty dog

I don't give a devil, what your mammy don't 'low
Gon' have a little fuss, anyhow
Ain't gon' have it, Papa don't 'low that

Don't wanna look, Mama, look at sis
Standin' 'round, y'all, doin' the twist
Mama ain't gon' have, Papa don't 'low

Mama, give me some bread
So I've done dumped it and it went to my head
Mama ain't gon' have it, Papa don't 'low that

Hey-hey, hey-hey
Hey-hey, hey-hey

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