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You've Had Your Way

This song is by "Banjo" Ikey Robinson and appears on the split compilation album 1929-1937 (1994).

Women nowadays like to have their way, no use to feel blue or grieve
For if you say a word they will not listen, the first thing that they do is to leave
So I adopt a plan, so should every man, tell them in a nice kind of way
Say if you don't want me honey, please don't use my money, better than yell out and say, hey:

You've had your way honey baby hey you've had your way all the time
Someday I'm going to leave you sweetheart then you can have your way and I'll have mine

Every cloud has a silver lining, wait until the sun shine through
I'll find me someone every month and you can find you someone new

Hey now you caused me lots of trouble baby and sorrow, they say every dog has his day
Soon I'll be gone, just forget me, 'cause what we do, we all have to pay

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