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Remote Control

This song is by !Distain and appears on the album (li:quíd) (1996).

In your arms I'm lying
Nothing matters when you hold me tight
And I forget the world outside

'Cause we are puppets in a game
Where the truth is difficult to find
So I've learned it's easier to be blind

Another day I lose my pride
For the lies that I believe
There's no hope in sight
Just ignorance is my relief
Guided by remote control
I obey my own mischief
I don't care at all
'Cause ignorance is my relief

There's no use in crying
Tears are only water in my eyes
They sometimes just tranquilize

So it's hard to carry on
But somehow I am swallowing the pain
Even if I have to fear to go insane
I can't stand the pain, I go insane

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