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Echo Of My Dreams

This song is by !Distain and appears on the album 25 Frames a Second (2004).

Most of us were proud I would say
Please don't ask me 'bout this today
Kill the enemy - no prisoners allowed today
I don't wanna die

Rifle fire across the mountain-side
We lay in line with eyes open wide
No one was sleeping and the will was set to fight
I felt myself the precious kingdom's knight

Whenever you reach out
Be careful where you step
You could be the echo of my dreams
Recording my own life
I've never been so close
I've never seen the bright side of the night

Sometimes I awake at night
Barely nothing to be afraid of
But during daytime I still listen to the war-fields pain

Ten years later I still don't know
What to do and where to go
I remember comrades dying in their blood
The precious kingdom's knight crying in the mud

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