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Autumn Leaves (25 Frames A Second)

This song is by !Distain and appears on the album 25 Frames a Second (2004).

Nervously touched by autumn-leaves
I found her in front of the door
She stared at me but couldn't see
Strangled by a life (she felt) unable to flee

I cut the rope and caught her fall
But didn't know who she was at all
Instinctively this had all begun
Would you change what you've done

Playing the leading part
Twenty-five frames a second
Make your life a blockbusting role
Life ain't a crowded soul

She spoke about the garden of colours
About the ruins that covered her skin
And the beautiful flowers dried up
In a sea of sin

I awoke at ten and the bed was cold
I don't know if she had been real
Every now and then life should be bold
I force myself upon dreams to seal

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