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Cash & Chaos

This song is by !DelaDap and appears on the album This Is DelaDap (2014).

Money, (oh) money
Billionaire bored out of his mind bought himself
Excitement that excites only those with too much wealth
Spending it on toilet seats made of pure gold
But sitting in his house all by himself is what we're told

They say money makes the world go round
I wouldn't know 'cause I haven't found
The roadmap to the Holy Grail
It's cash and chaos that prevail

Princess Dull was never satisfied with what she got
Dhe would envy her friends hence cheat on them a lot
The trouble with the dough is truly one of a kind
Too much or not enough of it, both can make you lose your mind
Now your ass may be broke and shit piles up a stack
At least all the cash you lack won't treat you with a stroke

Now Billy and Ms Dull they'd make a real good match
Sharing heartfelt delusions. Oh boy, what a catch!
Now my ass may be broke and shit piled up a stack
At least all the cash I lack won't treat me with a stroke

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