Skatterman & Snug Brim:Ups And Downs - в исполнении Skatterman & Snug Brim.

[Intro:Snug Brim]
Yea, when your money up everybody smiling, you know what I'm saying?
Your family doing good, your n***as around you, you smoking good weed, drinking good beer, whiskey and all that good s**t
But when you down and out, where them n***as at, man?
What yo b***h talking 'bout, is she on your heels, because you ain't got you money, you money ain't right?
You gotta stay real to the game, it's real life out here

[Hook: Skatterman]
They love you when you up, they f**k you when you down
When the money roll in everybody come around
But when you fall off them motherf**kers disappear
Let's see who with you when you doing all them f**king years
They love when you up, they f**k you when you down
When the money roll in, everybody be around
But when you ball off, them motherf**kers disappear
They say they riding but your n***as get to switching gears

[Verse 1: Skatterman]
The question is do she love you or she love you not?
Do she love your stash, or do she love your drops?
Or do she love the way you got the club and bottle pop, or love the couple thou that you just spent on that Mavado watch?
You never can tell, till the money get low and you get sent to a cell
Then her mouth get slicker, and her attitude switch, and you looking at your lady like, "Who's this b***h?"
And your friends ain't no better all them fake a** f**ks, yea it's all little homie while the rims one the truck
When you're down on your luck, naw you ain't got a dollar on you
If his a** was on fire dawg I wouldn't pour no water on him
They'd rather see you on a bus line, smoking on a crack pipe starving on his lunch time
I know y'all waiting on a punchline, but you the only that got your back when it's crunch time


[Verse 2: Snug Brim]
It ain't about the money, it's about your friends
How everybody come around when there's something to spend
But when you broke, even your b***h'll bottle bouncing
Some of your closest wasn't there when you was copping ounces
Soon as you cop that new thing, they on ya ding ding
Your neck and [????], must have them green things
But they don't know what you when through to get your paper right
Girl on your heels, babies crying, I hustle every night
So how you owe somebody something, you taking a risk?
Paying attention, real get filthy n***a, just take the chips
Why is y'all acting like I've changed now I'm blowing change
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