MyGRAIN:Dreamscape - в исполнении MyGRAIN.

Motionless fight against the action
Standing holograms in line
Erasure of familiar sound of failure
Obliteration is liberation

Night in dreamlike dominion
The approach of darker dimensions
Doctrine of delusions veiled in flesh
Discard the capture of nothingness

Escapist of the slave machinery
The hollow line of least resistance
Blindfolded mass in surrealistic scene
Heed the oscillation of the new damned breed

... my body's shuddering, vaporizing

Re-evolution starts tonight
Nightmares of dreamers come alive
Chaotic sphere of madness on fire — bursting inside
Revelations illustrate, visions of inner self collide
Take a ride of death in life... dreamscape, escape

Slave-driver of slave-labor, godpuppet of deceased failure
Autopilot of emptiness, abduction out of nothingness

Re-illuminate the self, machine-spawned mind
Enter the realm of human device
Dream projecting rush of enthropy
Can't fight the lost gravity

Beam of fire in my eyes, screaming in my mind
The burning red I see, bending realities
Succumbed, out of will, paralyzed... I can't get out
Gleam of light in my eyes, penetrating my mind
The flashing red I see, blending in my bloodstream
Desolated dreams, hypnotized... I just can't get out

I can't wake up, I can't breathe inside,
I'm stuck in this carnal cage
I can't get out, I can't move inside,
I'm paralyzed in this astral-like sleep

Re-invent yourself, machine-spawned soul
Soaring on a blood-filtered twilight zone
Dream-injecting rush of enthropy...
Dissolved in your heresy
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