Mizantropia:Ghost In The Rain - в исполнении Mizantropia.

Tears of rain 
Filled my soul 
My hazy ghost 
You are the lost 
And so I follow 

Through the time 
And through the pain 
I feel your heart 
From mine apart 
And lost in rain 

I see your face in every dream 
And in nightmare 
And you are still apart from me 
You are my fear 
My silver idol, my damnation 
You're unreal 
My obsession 

You are the shadow 
That follows me 
My every step and every breathe 
So go away 

I am fed up 
Annoying chase 
Has bothered me 

And I run after through the fog 
Loose you of sight and fall 
Can't stand up when you're gone 
I'm left alone 

I go forward straight my way 
You'll die somewhere, I do not care 
I'm not a part of your decay 
That's my release from your snare 

I close my eyes 
Try to forget 
That you were real 
I'll kill this feel 
I won't regret 

Though you're gone 
You're not free 
As part you you, 
Your heart, your soul 
Is inside of me 

You are my witchcraft 
And my fiction 
And I have cried, and I have laughed 
You're mine 
My silver idol, my damnation 
You're unreal 
My obsession 

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