Luke:Fakin' Like Gangsters - в исполнении Luke.

(feat. JT Money)

(Intro: Luke)
Yo this is a record about stars fakin like gangstas
Gangstas trying to be stars
Stars wanting to be ganstas but they really pranksters
So I had to get my man JT cause we the only true 2 ex=cons on staff 
And so we could kick it to you straight and not fake
Aiyyo JT kick it

(Verse One: JT Money)
Picture a nigga as raw as me, the motherfuckin J to the T
Tired of niggas saying how bad they are
Fronting like ganstas but I call em Gan-stars
Stars that want to be gangsters
But I'm from the real side not like Jekyell and Hyde
Bad boys don't stay fuck niggas on the street
You see that ain't me
Example niggas go to concerts fucked up
The next thing you know the niggas gettin chumped up
And they don't look so tough to me
I guess niggas ain't the same on and off TV
But not me I grab the mike and shoot game
And on the streets it's the same motherfuckin thang
See I pop no bullshit
If you offended wear it if the motherfucking shoe fits
But still don't have 2 left feet
Fuck around get your shit split to the white meat
Cause yall ain't nothing but pranksters
Fuck niggas faking like ganstas.

I can't stand a nigga talking about a gangsta
Nigga ain't nothing but a motherfuckin prangsta
Nigga ain't never been to jail
Bigga ain't never put a cap in a nigga
Nigga just talking about dropping a nigga
Cause he saw another nigga drop a nigga on TV
Aye yo JT kick example 2

(Verse 2: JT Money) 
Example 2, the neiborhood chump
Andy Gump came across a sawed off pump

I guess the niggas now longer a chump
Cause now he talk shit and quick to pop the trunk
Young nigga got bad over night
Maybe that dumb shit got his ass hype
Walking around with a unit in the place
Hanging with the big boys smoking lace
But his wall ain't up to date
And I hate fuck niggas who perpetrate
Like niggas makin love songs first
Next time you see em all they do us curse
Talkin bout the niggas they kill
1st they was lovas now they trying be real
And for the ones talking bout the whiteman
Ever told your fans whos your bossman?
I guess that makes yall prankstas
Fuck niggas fakin like gangstas!

Fuck niggas you got me worried, yes you got me worried
Because first of all yall talkin this black shit, black this black that
The whiteman's still collecting yo motherfucking paycheck
You ain't told yo motherfucking fans that
It's a whole different tale about niggas who getting it like this

"Real niggas" Faking like gangstas
"Real niggas" Faking like gangstas
"You guys know who I'm talking to...Ohhh! (NWA)

(Verse 3: JT Money)
None of them fuck niggas ever did time
But while it's on my mind
We got up 4 in the morning fo cold eggs and grits
Jim Jones and doodoo on a stick
Niggas had to eat this shit everyday
And one nigga got shanked up for a tray
And you gotta have your set up to date
While niggas be scrapping fo a place
And nobody snitches
Cause snitches get stiches fo talking like bitches!
They wouldnt last cause they prankstas
Cunt niggas faking like gangstas
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