Luke:Cowards In Compton - в исполнении Luke.

Featuring Clayvosie JT Money 

Intro: Luke 
UH! Yo fuck ass niggas 
Let me tell y'all one thing right now I just don't give a fuck! 
I'ma let niggas just RIP y'all motherfuckin' throwdown y'all 
Gay ass motherfuckers! Snoop ass hoe ass dog ass nigga! 
Dre you ain't nothin' but my bitch I'ma make you my bitch! 
You look like you could suck a nigga' dick hoe ass motherfucker!! 

Verse 1: JT Money 

I know niggas ain't tryin' to diss comin' with that wack shit 
Keep tryin' to front, get your motherfuckin' back split 
And yo' ass kicked! Your shit is drastic! 
Run up on my nigga, get your punk ass blasted! 
Real niggas don't talk that gay shit 
Talk about, let another nigga suck ya dick 
Only punks talk like that 
I won't even bust ya; I'll slap you with my gat! 
Frontin' like a gangsta, but you's a faggot 
See if you can act it, but you can't back it 
A nigga like me won't play wit' ya 
I'ma BUCK BUCK BUCK when I get ya! 
Fuck it, I'm Goin' All Out 
Step on Death Row and spray up ya house, nigga! 
Dumb motherfucker tryin' to talk bad 
Fuck around, get a missile launched in yo' ass 
And for your homies talkin' fly shit, 
If we was locked up together I'd have made 'em MY bitches! 
'Cause I know y'all pranksters 
Y'all niggas still Fakin' Like Gangsters! Fuck y'all!! 

Verse 2: Clayvosie 

It's about time for me to tear the roof off the motherfucker 
I grab the gat to make you fuck-niggas run for cover 
You can fool a groupie, but you can't fool a gangsta 
1985, you used to be a fuckin' prankster 
Down with (?) and the World Wreckin' Cru 
Turnin' off the lights and dressin' like bitches too 
Every nigga on Death Row must be a joke 
I put a level to the chair and watch you niggas smoke 
Real niggas don't follow punks down here 
I guess your nigga Snoopie Dogg must be a queer 
So who the fuck you gonna blast here in Miami? 
Fuck with me and I'll kill your whol' family! 
And I do mean hoe', you think I'm playin', son? 
I got my glock to your head, now where you gonna run? 
Before you diss my nigga Luke, you better think twice 
I'll pull a trigger, nigga, and turn off your life! 

Yeah, fuck-ass nigga, you just don't know! A nigga know about yo' 
Motherfuckin' ass with them "Turn Off the Lights" days! Nigga, 
When you was sittin' on them album covers with the motherfuckin' 
Lip gloss, and them sequins outfits on, nigga, I know what a nigga want 
You to do right now! Nigga, you know what I want you to do for me 
Right now? I want you to just, *music stops* 
Take off that g-string, ba-by, 

'Cause you know you look real cra-zy, 
And you gon' be my hoe - maybe - 
I just don't like this nigga. 
Yo, Mike Fresh, let's just take these fuck-niggas' beat!! 
*The opening of the instrumental track from "Fuck Wit Dre Day"* 
Yeah, this is how we do, we take fuck-niggas' beat! 
Yo, better yet, fuck that shit, my nigga, fuck that shit! 
*The record needle is dragged off* 
Yo, my nigga, bring the real shit in! 
Get that ol' coochie shit outta here!! 
*The "Cowards" track comes back on* 

Verse 3: JT Money 

Verse two, motherfucker, I still hit you with the ill shit 
Fuck with my nigga and yo' ass'll get killed quick 
Pussy nigga, you ain't shit!! 
Did a whole album of other niggas pullin' your dick 
I'll wreck your whole staff 
Bust shots at they ass, you niggas can't last! 
So don't try to flip the script, money grip 
Got a tech on my hip, plus I'm in the mood to trip 
And I'll take your 4-4 
Take a walk down Death Row, them niggas get Petrol 
'Cause that shit ain't nothin' but soft-town 
Play bad, get knocked the fuck off, clown 
I'll be on the D.L. scopin' 
Catch you slippin', leave your motherfuckin' chest open 
That nigga changed gears like a 10-speed 
Last album, that nigga was against weed 
Now he's mister Chronic-man 
Get high, nigga, try to play bionic man 
Act like you wanna be tough 
And we gon' see who'll really get fucked, ya fuck!! 

Luke: Yeah, fuck-ass nigga, lemme tell you somethin'! What you gon' 
Be? You gon' be a real nigga or you gon' be a flaunt, nigga? You gon' 
Be on weed, or you ain't gon' be on weed? You gon' be a bruise next 
Year! Aaight, what you gon' be on this motherfuckin' year? Let me 
Tell you somethin' 'bout a nigga, right? All real niggas - I mean, you 
Lookin' at a real nigga, nigga, now lemme tell you somethin', have you 
Ever got head on stage, then? I'll get head from yo' motherfuckin' hoe 
On stage! You let the bitch be in the audience, 'cause I'ma take that 
Pussy! You a pussy-ass, cock-ass nigga! Lemme tell you somethin'! 
Cowards in Compton get sprayed in dank! Cowards in Compton get 
Sprayed in dank, pussy!! Cowards in Compton get sprayed in 
Motherfuckin' dank!! You hoe-ass nigga, you my bitch, bitch!! 
JT (in the manner of Dre): HELL yeah! 

Announcer (talking rapidly): 
Luke Records would like to acknowledge that all references made in the 
Previous work towards homosexuals is not reflecting anti-homosexual 
Position on our part. Our problem was just homosexuals by the name of 
Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.Thanks to thudord
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