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About me

Hello, my name is Paul. I am the founder and bureaucrat of this wiki. Often began to play DiRT 3, and noted that the Russian wiki DiRT not. Therefore, I decided to create a wiki. Like this. If you have questions, write on my talk page. I can be found on this wiki every day. More often than not I'm here. Please read the rules of the plate. Optionally, you can read all about me. Infobox on his page will not do. Why do I need this? Good thing no one has ever told me that he needed infobox on your user page. And the climb, curious. No, I do not deny myself the curious, but I do not stick my nose into other people's affairs deeply, for the most spine. Oh! I forgot that you are reading my profile. Sorry. Well acknowledge that I am right! Is not it? You probably do like me, and some on the other side of me. In general, you can not say anything. I do not need followers. I can at any time to change your opinion, is it? Okay, I'm in your profile appears to a lecture subtracted.


  • It is impossible to litter chatting.
  • You can not delete the contents of the page, if the page to be removed, use the template {{Delete}}.
  • You can not call names.
  • Or do useful or do nothing

Wikia that I help:

Peggle Wiki Battlefield Wiki

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